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Omni True Access


Easy to deploy, manage and transport with an all-integrated hardware and software solution. Connected through our OmniHealth platform and easily customized for staff, attendee and visitor protection.

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Integrated software and hardware solution, easy to deploy and manage health check kiosk solution. Provides contactless temperature checks & mask detection for anyone entering your building, area or facility. With options for multi-language, facial recognition, and mobile authentication. Includes one-year warranty and support.

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15" Tabletop, 22" Tabletop, 15" Standing, 22" Standing, 15" Wallmount, 22" Wallmount

Terms & Conditions

Upon purchasing of Kiosk, Customer agrees to 1 year licensing agreement for all software.   After 1st year, customer will billed on provided credit card on a monthly basis for $40 per month on a month to month basis, customer can cancel at any time.  Canceling agreement will make the software and backend inoperable and inaccessible.

Management fees are billed monthly on the provided credit card. Management program term and fees start after first year of usage.   No refunds or buy back.

Contracts are based on 1st year included and month to month thereafter.   Omniexperience (True Omni LLC) is offering a non-exclusive license for customers based on length of contract every customer guarantees all information and content is owned by the customer. Omniexperience (True Omni LLC) is not responsible for any content hosted that is considered illegal, pornography or illicit material. Omniexperience (True Omni LLC) reserves the right to discontinue service based on ICANN and other internet based regulations.

Customer retains all rights, title and interest in any proprietary customer provided content, photos, renderings, as well as registered and unregistered trademarks, copyrights and service marks and that it may not be used by Omniexperience (True Omni LLC) for any reason other than in connection with this Agreement without your prior written permission.

The relationship created by this Agreement is that of an independent contractor and Omniexperience (True Omni LLC) shall not be deemed, for any purpose, an agent, legal representative, joint venture, partner or employee of customer. Omniexperience (True Omni LLC) shall not be authorized, on behalf of customer, to make any contract, agreement, warranty, statement, or representation or take any other action that could establish any apparent relationship or agency, joint venture, partnership or employment with customer.  All hardware and software or an as built configuration, OmniExperience is not responsible for any outages, inaccurate readings, or has no obligation to any damages experience by or to kiosk or software.   Kiosk has a limited warranty, warranty may be waived if kiosk is vandalized or if customer tries to access software or hardware unlawfully.

Customer agrees not to reverse engineer or use any parts of the proprietary software outside of intended functions.   Licensee acknowledges that the licensed software contains valuable trade secrets of [Consultant], including the specific design, structure and logic of the individual programs, solution in the proprietary hardware application is not to be accessed by Clients or outside vendors without express authorization.   Programs loaded on each solution are based on monitoring the security and integrity of the code and supporting the solution for the Client.  Client should not login to the hardware or remove any application or allow any third party to have access to the systems.  Each hardware solution has IP and related proprietary code and systems.  Accessing the systems without approval can cause penalty and damages, all rights are enforceable by copywrite and trade secret protection.  If client would like to use hardware without the proprietary build, process of agreement requires final payment and Consultant to remove its software and code.   Any access or change requiring Consultant to have to make this change without notice will require penalty fee of no less than $5,000.  A process of deletion on all code must be followed prior to Client access to the systems.


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